Equipping stakeholders with the best Blockchain education to shape Africa's future.

We provide a platform for blockchain experts, African organizations - both in public and private sectors - and other stakeholders to learn from each other and explore various blockchain use cases with the African context and market in mind.

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Who We Are

The Africa Blockchain Alliance is an organization born out of the need to create a network of highly motivated Afrocentric individuals and corporates willing to bet on the future of Africa.

We want an interconnected Africa where there is free movement of knowledge and resources to uplift Africans.

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Our Services

Africa Blockchain Aliances provides services ranging from education on blockchain technology to building a wide range community throughout the African continent to share resources and create blockchain enthutiasts


Education of individuals, developers, executives, and organisations in Africa on blockchain technology.



Partnership and support to companies looking to launch blockchain projects and products in Africa.


Policy Advocacy

Thought leadership and policy advocacy on blockchain across the African continent.



Raise blockchain awareness and build a thriving blockchain community in Africa.


Smart, secure and decentralized

Blockchain technology is the technology of the future and provides a trust-less platform without the need for a middle man; security through cryptography and time stamps; and is decentralized which prevents a single point of failure.


Community and Resources

We are building the largest community of blockchain experts, enthusiasts and stakeholders on the African continent