Africa Blockchain: Executive Program

12 Sept, 2022

These courses deal with both business and technical aspects of blockchain technology and its application in business. The courses are customized and interactive for Executives, Mid Managers, Technology managers and Developers.

Participants will be able to understand blockchain in more detail and also go into a deep dive on use cases relevant to their sectors. It gives African executives and professionals the skills and understanding required to leverage blockchain technology within their organization.
What does an Enterprise need?
Security, certainty, and accountability at scale are paramount for high-performance enterprises. Enterprises have very different needs from individual users on a peer-to-peer network. They need to:

  • Manage sensitive data in high volume,
  • Track quality, and
  • Hold themselves accountable to safety and regulatory standards in their industries.

Enterprise needs ultimately fall into four categories:
1. Permissioning
Enterprise use cases often require that only authorized parties can join the network, and that participants have different read, access and write roles.
2. Privacy
Specific transaction data — product name, quantity, price, address, personally identifiable financial information,   should be withheld from or made available to network participants depending on their roles.
3. Performance
Enterprises must have the infrastructure to process thousands of transactions per second and tolerate periodic surges in network activity. In today’s networked economies, enterprises must be able to collect, validate, and publish an ever-increasing volume of diverse transactions.
4. Finality
Institutions transferring large amounts of money need certainty about the outcome of transactions. Funds must be good, and payments must be final.

We unpack the needs of an enterprise step by step and explore how the rise of tokenization and blockchain helps enterprises meet these needs in a scalable fashion
Target Audiences
  • C-level executives
  • Enterprise architecture leads
  • Solution architects
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Product managers
  • Business development and Sales Managers
  • Systems consultants
  • Middle management
  • And more…